Education and Advocacy is the heart of how we help our clients’ employees and is critical to the future of our business and our clients’ success.

Healthcare Reform Navigator

  • Audit existing portfolios for potential compliance exposures
  • Educate staff on the ever-changing landscape through on-going access to our tools and resources
  • Analyze your financial impact via the our exclusive financial simulators
  • Determine your company and employee impact both financially and culturally
  • Align your health care and compliance strategy with your company‚Äôs overall business goals and strategy

Employee Education

  • Live Benefits Communications
  • One on one, similar to 401k financial counseling (highly recommended)
  • Group meetings
  • Electronic Enrollment and Benefits Portal

Personal Advocacy

  • Assist employees in navigating the maze of providers and insurance companies
  • Cost transparency tools for self-insured plans
  • Concierge medicine programs
  • Bill audit and claim dispute services