Professional Liability for Nonprofits and for-profit human service organizations is a vital part of protecting an organization’s work.

Both Package and D&O policies contain exclusions relating to professional services of the client. Standard setting, certification, credentialing and testing are examples of the types of client activities that fall within the scope of most professional services exclusions. E&O and Professional Liability policies provide coverage for bodily damages, property damages or money damage claims arising from professional services of the client.

What’s Covered

Acts, errors, omissions and negligence in the rendering or failure to render professional services are central to your professional liability coverage.

Who’s Covered

Client, directors, officers, committee members, volunteers and employees.

Value to the Client

For some clients, exposure to liability arising from professional services constitutes the greatest risk management hazard of all. Any sturdy risk management for nonprofits is sure to feature robust professional liability coverage Defense costs are included.

• Occurrence or Claims-Made form available
• Vicarious Professional Liability for psychiatrists
• Separate coverage part so no erosion of General Liability aggregate limit
• Primary psychiatrist Professional Liability coverage can be provided for employed physicians