Workers’ Compensation is one of the few types of Property & Casualty coverage required by law. At Lamb Financial Group we ensure the maximum credits available to our clients looking for Workers’ Compensation. Finding comprehensive worker’s comp for nonprofits can be difficult but with our years of experience and expertise we can manage the needs of any nonprofit or for-profit human service organization.

What’s Covered

Accidents or workplace illness as determined by state regulatory authority. Benefits include medical rehabilitation expense, lost wages and death benefit. Terrorism and pandemic disease are not excluded.

Who’s Covered

Employees are covered while at work or away from the insured premise on company business. Commuting to and from work is not covered.

Value to the Client

Provides an organized and cost effective method to pay expenses associated with workplace accidents or illness. Eliminates uncertainty in the event of a catastrophic event.

We work with some of the biggest and most trusted firms to provide worker’s compensation for nonprofits and for-profit human service organizations. With this coverage required by law the costs associated with worker’s compensation are unavoidable. We can help your organization get all of the necessary coverage while also providing a rate within your budget.

Allow us to apply our expertise in insurance for nonprofits to your worker’s compensation benefits today. With the right coverage both you and your employees will be protected.