What is it?

An organization’s ability to continue its business operations following a major loss using a well-planned roadmap to navigate through adverse conditions. By helping clients plan for the worst we are better able to provide assistance in every situation. Disaster recovery for nonprofits and for profit human service organizations can go a long way in protecting the good work you and your organization are committed to.

business continuity planningWhat do we need to do?

Lamb Financial Group provides Disaster Recovery consulting to prepare organizations for effective emergency responsiveness, including setting up command centers, and vendor contacts. While you are getting the best possible insurance for nonprofits you should also be making contingency plans in case of some kind of emergency. Beyond your investment in property insurance for nonprofits should be a plan to continue functioning should that insurance come into play.

What can we expect?

After an extensive evaluation and planning process, you can expect your organization to continue to function as normally as  possible following a major loss. This includes damage to primary operating facilities, s as well as a loss of vital personnel. For coastal organizations potentially threatened by hurricanes   or organizations threatened by any natural or unnatural disaster, this kind of planning is a must .