What is it?

Establishing a company safety policy is an important first step in creating a positive safety culture.  It emphasizes senior management’s commitment to safety.

The Safety Policy should clearly state the company safety objectives and how it intends to meet objectives.

The Safety Policy should include:

  • A written commitment of senior management, signed by the CEO
  • Specific safety performance goals
  • Measurements of progress toward each safety performance goal and,
  • A description of the organizational structure – an executive safety council, for example – and processes that the company will employ to achieve its safety performance goals.

The Safety Policy should have the following characteristics:

  • It should be something that all employees can relate to
  • It should provide safety guidance to all employees
  • It should stress the importance of reporting all incidents promptly to the proper channels
  • It must be on the same level as other policy statements

What do we need to do?

  • Senior commitment
  • Making staff available to support and reinforce safety
  • Designate and train individuals in incident reporting

What can we expect?

Lamb Financial to work with you to develop your Safety Policies and Procedures for all your operations for both skilled and unskilled workers, clerical staff, commercial auto fleet management (including Driver Safety Manuals) and much more.

Expect an improved loss history over time that will yield better pricing and terms for you insurance renewals.